Examples of our Work

Below are some photographs of actual jobs we have carried out for customers along with some of their frequent comments :

I can’t believe the difference !

laminate wood flooring


Practical , bright and easy to clean when treading in grass or mud from the garden or patio.

Especially useful when small children are in the garden playing and don’t remember to take off their shoes when coming back inside !


So much more hygienic than carpet

engineered wood flooring

Not everyone is aware that some forms of wooden flooring are suitable for cloakrooms and toilets but they can make a fantastic difference.

Great as well for clearing up little “spills” or “accidents” without lasting stains or smells ! Not just from the adults in the house either !

Gives a nice complete finish and look as well by continuing from off the hall into the cloakroom in a seamless style.



The room looks so much bigger

engineered wood flooring


When replacing a carpeted floor with a beautiful  laminate or wood replacement the room can seem to magically grow !

The lighter wood shades along with natural light can truly transform the look and feel of any room.

Darren from Transformafloor has lots of shade samples to suit any taste,style or room setting.



Exactly as we imagined it . ”

solid wood flooring


Laminate or wood flooring can also be very effective in distinguishing one room from another to create a dramatic effect.

This dark wood choice goes perfectly with the decor and feel of the dining room.


How did Darren cut that so neatly ?

wood floor layer installer


Don’t let things like doorways, skirting or curved walls put you off having a new hall floor.

A professional floor layer will be able to cut and shape the floor planks around and under skirting or architraves for a flush finish.


If you would like to arrange a quote for a new laminate, engineered wood or solid wood floor then:

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