Laminate and Wood Floors

I’ve had a strange week this week, I have laid 2 laminate floors supplied by Floors 2 Go who have gone into administration and left 2 unhappy customers.  Both customers contacted me as I was an approved Floors 2 Go fitter and I was able to step in and save the day.

Floors 2 Go

The first customer didn’t want any door bars so I had to continue the floor through the lounge, hallway, dining room and pantry without breaks.  This is very tricky and can only be done by an experienced fitter and only with laminate as it doesn’t expand like hardwood flooring would.  The result was amazing and made the space look so much bigger.

The second customer contacted me through Rated People website, after checking out my ratings and my website  Again she wanted a professional job and was very happy with the result.

Quickstep Rustic Oak Laminate Flooring

I arrived at my next job fully loaded with Quickstep Rustic Oak laminate flooring.  I began to take up the customer’s carpet to find a real wood block floor in the traditional herringbone pattern.  It is not advisable to lay a laminate floor over this as the wood blocks would not be able to breathe and would almost certainly expand within a year pushing the new laminate floor up with it.  The house belonged to a wheelchair user and this would be unsafe for them.  Fortunately a local builder is going to remove the blocks and replace with a concrete sub-floor.

Gas Leak!

The following day I was looking forward to laying a beautiful laminate floor in a small lounge in Loughborough.  Again I found myself going home early.  The customer had already removed the carpet leaving me to remove the gripper rods.  As I was removing them I noticed that the nails used were unusually long but as it was a concrete floor I thought nothing of it.  I got to the last one and heard a whooshing sound, looking round thinking there was a water leak I realised I could smell gas, the gripper rod had been nailed through a gas pipe and now there was a large hole seeping gas.  The house quickly filled with gas and the customer and I ran out into the garden, then she realised her dog was upstairs so we ran in and rescued it.  Luckily we were able to turn the gas off outside.  It was a very scary experience.  A plumber has now fixed the leak and I have rebooked the job.

 Transformafloor Van

With all this time off I decided to build some racking in my new Vauxhall van, I have been too busy since I bought it and was fed up with everything sliding around in the back.  The racking was finished in no time and everything is now in its right place thank goodness.  After stocking up on glue, silicone and screws I am ready to start another week, hopefully more productive than this one!