Wilford Lions Football Club

This week I went to remove a water damaged kitchen floor in preparation for laying a new one.  This is the job that nobody else wanted to take on and the customer was desperate to get it done, she felt uncomfortable knowing that the damaged floor was unhygienic and smelled of damp. The kitchen had been built on top of the old floor and I really wasn’t looking forward to ripping it up, I spent the night before thinking over the best way to do it.  I managed to get the floor up easily, I don’t know what I was worried about, with the right tools and a bit of perseverance I had no problems.  Then I noticed that it was wet through underneath so I wasn’t able to lay the new floor straight away, it will need a couple of weeks for it to dry out.  So I thought I’d have a nice easy afternoon off, by the time I’d got home, loaded up the skip with all my rubbish and been out to quote a few jobs, the afternoon was gone and it was time for tea!  I spent the evening out quoting again, there’s no rest for a self employed man these days!  Maybe I should think about advertising less, my phone is always ringing and typically always when I’m driving or making time for a quick sandwich.  I’ve also just taken delivery of another 1000 business cards, where did the last 1000 go?

 Wilford Lions Football Club

I have just become a sponsor of the Wilford Lions Under 10’s football team, I picked up their new black and white kit this week, it looks fantastic with Transformafloor written across the chest.  They train on Thursday evenings and play on Saturday mornings in the Young Elizabethan League Division 5.  They have had a run of bad luck recently so hopefully this will spur them on a bit.  They really look the business now and hopefully it will bring a bit of business my way too.


Wilford Lions Under 10′s Football Team wearing their new kit. 

Good Luck for the rest of the season kids.







Kahrs and Quickstep

Had another busy week, so busy I’ve had to get another skip to get rid of all my rubbish – I can only store so much before my wife starts complaining!  I’ve also had to replace my transformer this week – I was just starting a job and my jigsaw wouldn’t work, I knew the jigsaw was okay because it was quite new and then I noticed the transformer was smoking.  I removed the top and all the wires had burnt out.  Off to the supplier to get a new one, an hour wasted and £60 poorer, why is nothing straight forward? 

Kahrs Oak Monte Carlo

I laid approximately 65 square metresof Kahrs OakMonte Carloto a house in Draycott.  I started in the hall and ran it through to a utility room and then a kitchen, it looked fantastic when I had finished, the kitchen was bigger than the whole ground floor of my house! 

Quickstep Rustic Laminate

I’ve also just laid another50 metresof Quickstep Rustic range into a lounge, dining room and extension.  It is such a realistic wood substitute and it has become very popular with my customers, I am selling lots of it. 

I’ve also laid Quickstep Rustic in a house inWest Bridgford this week, the whole ground floor of the house.  The house had a curved fireplace, not ideal for cutting round but I made a nice clean cut and finished it off with a nice bead of colourseal around the hearth which looked brilliant.  I’ve got another curved hearth to do next week; I haven’t had one for about 6 years and then I get two at once!

 Quickstep Elite Laminate

I had a call from a previous customer this week wanting another floor laid.  I had previously fitted a solid walnut hardwood floor in her bedroom which I secret nailed to her floorboards and also an engineered oak single plank floor to her dining room.  She wanted her lounge and hall doing this time so I showed her my Quickstep Elite range which is a laminate and cheaper than real wood.  She was very impressed and was over the moon with the finished result.  It looks so realistic and will probably wear much better too.


Nearly Christmas!

I decided to take a few days off this week to catch up on some jobs at home which I have been putting off. I’ve also been inundated with enquiries which I needed to follow up and several jobs to quote.  Things seem to be picking up fast, maybe the Christmas rush has started early, it seemed the right time to take a few days off while I have chance because once the christmas rush starts I won’t have any time to myself and my family will forget what I look like again. It’s the same every year, why do people leave it till the last few months to get rooms transformed in time for Christmas!

 Uniclic Oak Laminate

I had a call from a lady asking if I could take up water damaged laminate in her kitchen and replace.  She has spoken to 4 other fitters but none of them were interested in doing the work as the kitchen units and appliances were built on top of the damaged laminate.  It will be very difficult to remove the damaged floor but I couldn’t let the customer be disappointed again so went round and quoted her for removing and replacing with a new Uniclic Oak Laminate.  I have booked the job in for a weeks time, to be honest I’m not looking forward to it but someone had to help the lady.

Tuscan Engineered Wood Flooring Samples

I have received a new batch of flooring samples this week which I am very pleased with, It’s amazing how much better materials progress over time.  I’ve received the new Tuscan Elite Engineered and Tuscan Engineered ranges and they look fantastic. I also had a new set of Quickstep samples, in my opinion this is the best floor money can buy, it is 10 times more scratch resistant than other laminate floors, has a 25 year warranty and it looks stunning when laid.  Many people say they can’t tell the difference between Quickstep laminate and real wood and Quickstep is cheaper.  I have had Quickstep in my house for about 8 years and it still looks as good as the day I laid it even with 2 young boisterous sons and 2 cats!  I would recommend it to anyone.


Rated People Reviews

Rated People Website 

I am on the Rated People website and get quite a bit of work through it, I have a 5 star rating, here are some of my reviews:

 Darren (transformafloor) – superb bloke, gave a competitive quote, good advice, turned up on time, is a tidy worker, polite & a good communicator. He has samples of laminate & wood on his van, so if you’re looking for flooring give him a ring. The Work – Darren came around within a couple of days to look at the hall, advised on how best to fix my damaged floorboards & under took this additional work at a reasonable price. He laid the laminate & it looks fantastic, I’m really pleased with my new floor & highly recommend this tradesman.
Sarah, NG5

 Darren has done a superb job He was quick and efficient, excellent value for money and very tidy. We are extremely pleased with his workmanship and do not hesitate to recommend his services
Dawn McGlashan, NG3

Darren did a fantastic job. Efficient, great quality and we would thoroughly recommend him. Will definitely use him again!
Susie, NG11

Darren was ABSOLUTELY brilliant. On the first day through no fault of his I had a problem with a gas pipe. He was patient and rescheduled meaning a real inconvenience for him. The floor looks great and it was a very reasonable price, much better than the so called cant be beaten high street chains. I will definitely use him again and recommend to anyone.
aimee, LE11

Wow! Darren is a great guy friendly and reliable. My floor looks ACE and i’m so happy with it. He quoted me less than I expected to pay, worked like a trooper (even with a cold) cleared away all the mess and left me with a great looking floor with a truly professional finish. I would definitely use him again….Cheers Darren :-)
Laurie, NG8

Darren (aka Transformafloor) was a delight to work with. Was around to look at the job within a day and at a time that suited me. He gave me lots of options of not only fitting laminate flooring I could have purchased, but came with a range of flooring he recommended and was highly knowledgeable of all his products he supplied. He worked around my crowded house (complete with piano and two sofas) and was clean, quiet and had the work completed well within the estimated time. He wasn’t the cheapest of the quotes I had received (but neither was he the dearest) but from the moment I met him, I trusted his judgement and felt he gave honest advice. If only I had more floors for him to work on! I’d recommend him 100%
Rob, NG8


Laminate and Wood Floors

Had a really busy week again! Now that Floors 2 Go have gone out of business I may be picking up some of their work, I used to be one of their approved fitters and thought I would struggle without their jobs but I seem to be busier than ever!  Maybe it is my new van artwork that is attracting custom, it is very noticeable and I often see people stopping outside my house and writing down my number, I also got followed the other day from Cotgrave to Gamston by a lady trying to write down my number, when she called later that evening I asked if she was the one following me and she was quite embarrased.  Or maybe it is my new website www.laminatewoodflooringnotts.co.uk attracting more hits on Google, I’m not complaining though, I love it when I am busy and in this current climate I am grateful for any work I get..

 Egger Walnut Laminate Floor

Laid an Egger Laminate floor in a lovely walnut colour which totally transformed the lounge, this is becoming a very popular choice with a lot of my customers.  This is a V groove style floor which gives the look of an individual planked floor, it is a click together system and gives a very effective finish.

Quickstep Rustic Oak Laminate

Laid Quickstep Rustic Oak laminate in a garage which had been converted into a downstairs bedroom for a disabled relative. Quickstep gives a lovely smooth finish for easy wheelchair use and the customer was very pleased with the floor.  What a brilliant way to add extra space to your home, I wish my garage was attached so I could do something similar.

Homebase Oak Engineered Wood Floor

It took 2 days to lay an Oak Engineered Wood floor in a lounge and dining kitchen in a large house.  This was a recommendation from a previous satisfied customer.  The flooring was purchased by the customer from the flooring section in Homebase before contacting me so I only supplied the Quickstep Underlay and oak beading.  The finished floor looked brilliant and the customer was so happy she has passed my number to her mother for me to do her floor.


Laminate and Wood Floors

I’ve had a strange week this week, I have laid 2 laminate floors supplied by Floors 2 Go who have gone into administration and left 2 unhappy customers.  Both customers contacted me as I was an approved Floors 2 Go fitter and I was able to step in and save the day.

Floors 2 Go

The first customer didn’t want any door bars so I had to continue the floor through the lounge, hallway, dining room and pantry without breaks.  This is very tricky and can only be done by an experienced fitter and only with laminate as it doesn’t expand like hardwood flooring would.  The result was amazing and made the space look so much bigger.

The second customer contacted me through Rated People website, after checking out my ratings and my website www.laminatewoodflooringnotts.co.uk.  Again she wanted a professional job and was very happy with the result.

Quickstep Rustic Oak Laminate Flooring

I arrived at my next job fully loaded with Quickstep Rustic Oak laminate flooring.  I began to take up the customer’s carpet to find a real wood block floor in the traditional herringbone pattern.  It is not advisable to lay a laminate floor over this as the wood blocks would not be able to breathe and would almost certainly expand within a year pushing the new laminate floor up with it.  The house belonged to a wheelchair user and this would be unsafe for them.  Fortunately a local builder is going to remove the blocks and replace with a concrete sub-floor.

Gas Leak!

The following day I was looking forward to laying a beautiful laminate floor in a small lounge in Loughborough.  Again I found myself going home early.  The customer had already removed the carpet leaving me to remove the gripper rods.  As I was removing them I noticed that the nails used were unusually long but as it was a concrete floor I thought nothing of it.  I got to the last one and heard a whooshing sound, looking round thinking there was a water leak I realised I could smell gas, the gripper rod had been nailed through a gas pipe and now there was a large hole seeping gas.  The house quickly filled with gas and the customer and I ran out into the garden, then she realised her dog was upstairs so we ran in and rescued it.  Luckily we were able to turn the gas off outside.  It was a very scary experience.  A plumber has now fixed the leak and I have rebooked the job.

 Transformafloor Van

With all this time off I decided to build some racking in my new Vauxhall van, I have been too busy since I bought it and was fed up with everything sliding around in the back.  The racking was finished in no time and everything is now in its right place thank goodness.  After stocking up on glue, silicone and screws I am ready to start another week, hopefully more productive than this one!

Laminate and Wood Floors

Had a really hectic week again which is good as I like to keep busy, I’ve transformed 4 rooms this week by laying beautiful floors and have been out giving free no obligation quotes most evenings.

Solid Pre-finished Oak Real Wood Flooring

It took 2 days to transform a large bedroom for a previous customer in Gamston using 120mm wide boards of solid oak real wood flooring.  I was supposed to be secret nailing the floor but when I arrived and inspected the existing floor after the carpet had been removed I discovered that the central heating pipes were laid close underneath the floorboards.  I advised the customer that I would prefer not to nail the floor as the risk of putting a nail through a water pipe was too great.  After discussing safer methods with her, we agreed that I would glue the floor down to avoid any water leaks.  I also fitted MDF Torus skirting round the room.  The customer was very happy with the result and said the room looked fantastic. 

Quickstep Oak Rustic Laminate

I transformed a hallway inWest Bridgfordfor an employee of Kings Carpets who I used to contract out to a few years ago.  This was a recommendation from another employee who I have previously laid a floor for.  I took this as a massive compliment as Kings Carpets have their own fitters who she could have used.  I supplied and fitted Quickstep Oak Rustic laminate and again the results were spectacular.  When bending down under the stairs I felt a tickling in my hair and jumped up banging my head when I saw a giant spider drop down – I hate spiders! 

Quickstep White Oak Natural Laminate

This was a lead from the Rated People website where I get quite a bit of work from.  I quoted for supply and fit of Quickstep White Oak Natural laminate at a house in Clifton, along with 2 other floor layers.  I secured the job for fitting only as the customer chose to buy her own flooring from B&Q, which turned out to be the same floor I had quoted her for but cost more money!  I had to carry my tools up to the third floor to lay the floor in a nursery, the customer was very pleased with the result and gave me an excellent rating on my Rated People profile of 5 stars and quoted: Darren did a fantastic job. Efficient, great quality and we would thoroughly recommend him. Will definitely use him again! 

White Egger Laminate

This was for a previous customer in Cropwell Butler, I have done all the rooms in her house and this was the last bedroom.  I have now transformed her whole house!  The children loved the white Egger laminate I have laid in all the bedrooms.  The Egger laminate looks lovely, you can clearly see the grain pattern particularly in the white laminate.  When I asked if she wanted to check my work before paying she said she didn’t need to as all my previous work had been exemplary. 

Quickstep Elite Old White Oak Natural Laminate

I quoted a wheelchair user in West Bridgford this week for the supply and fit of Quickstep Elite Old White Oak Natural laminate.  Laminate flooring had been recommended for ease of wheelchair use.  I advised to run the flooring from room to room avoiding the use of door bars for easier accessibility even though this entails more work.  I later secured the job as the customer appreciated my advice and likes my friendly approach.

Laminate Flooring

I also quoted this week in Ruddington and left sample swatches of Egger Laminate and Quickstep Laminate with the customer to peruse at their leisure.  Hopefully I should hear back from them next week.